Tuesday, August 28, 2007


1954 Allen Solly Hose Ad- Comet Tail

1960 New Journal Cookbook

Original 1959 print ads for Western Airlines


An illustration for a Lloyd's Bank brochure, The Art of Exporting 1981

1972 GATX Ad-' What Price Vanity'

1969 Elephant art Air Express 2-Page Ad.

1969 EYE Art Minolta SR-T 101 Camera Ad

BP, 1953

BP, 1951

CBS Radio Spot Sales


Mick said...

brilliant. the gatx one is the real full fat deal... thanks again for collecting and showing these. I once slept in and missed the chance to buy one of his books from a junk store. It was in the window at 2am and long gone by 10.. i still kick myself over that, sometimes if that grows boring i kick other people near me.

Mick said...

also I looked through the links there and was rather amazed at the obvious influence our pal Gerald Scarfe gleaned from big Ron... I never really spotted it before

Matt J said...

Yes, & even more so for Ralph Steadman I think. I feel Searle has influenced virtually EVERY cartoonist since he started!

Mal said...

I saw press and poster ads for Lemon Hart as a small child in the late '50's and they gave me nightmares about the 'thin yellow man'! Later, as a teen, I grew to appreciate Searle's and Robinson's work in Molesworth and other stories and cartoons. Haven't acquied a taste for the rum ...