Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Man From U.N.C.L.E.

On his 'worldofkane' blog Will Kane unearthed a great article on a Man From U.N.C.L.E. TV Guide Special.


MickFred said...

these are all great. thanks for taking the time to put these pictures up for folks to get inspired by. did you ever hear of 'Gerard Hoffnung'? he had a similar style (ish)... not in the vein of Thelwell or such a sort, whose style i summise was a direct result of a good soaking in Searle but rather someone who developed the look through living at the same period and being influenced by the same things (maybe, perhaps... who knows).
Once again thanks for these.

edhead said...

Popped in Henry Prodes today and they had a great Searle illustrated Baron Munchausen - quite pricy though so held back! Glad to see this being updated buddy!

Matt J said...

Hey Fred, Hoffnung is excellent. You're right - similar subject matter to Searle but outstanding in his own right.

Ed - I have the Munchausen book - it's wild. VERY broad drawings. Previous to this he had made a series of abstract images called Anatomies & Decapitations while in France. It's viewed as a direct precursor to the Munchausen style. Searle In Perspective has some bird-like fighter planes which are similar too.

Any chance you could scan some of those drawings from America in the book I gave you? I only brought one book with me to Paris so I'm running out of materia to post!

edhead said...

I'll scan and send this week...