Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Winespeak

In the early 80s Searle was commissioned by wine-maker John Goelet to publicise his Clos du Val winery in the Napa Valley, California and his Taltarni vineyard in Moonambel, Australia.

The drawings were later published in the collections titled 'The Illustrated Winespeak' and 'Something In the Cellar'

Republished in 1987 as 'Ozzie Winespeak' to promote Taltarni and the Americas Cup.

Ivor Wood animates Searle's Winespeak drawings for the Clos du Val winery. In the video online here you'll see Searle's Bacchus & his kangaroo steed animated in stop-motion!  The drawn animation is some of the best examples of Searle's style animated in 2-D.

See more on Wood and Searle's animation here

Searle on wine - one of his favourite subjects!

Searle also designed their wine bottle labels

 'Petit verdot'

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