Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This cropped up on Twitter- E. Nesbit’s 'Book Of Dragons'. I'm unfamiliar with this book but it looks great and has been in print for a century! I'm not sure which edition features these wonderful Searle dragons but it looks like early Searle-perhaps late forties?

A similar dragon design appeared in this illustration for a Patrick Campbell story in Lilliput magazine.

This next one appeared in 'Haven't We Met Before Somewhere?' (1966)

A much later design featured in this 1982 drawing for a Lloyds Bank Brochure. 

#3 'Coping With the Unexpected in Farming' 1982


merf said...

Love these dragons

docnad said...

Just gorgeous!

ukjarry said...

A fun collection of whimsical stories. Every version I read as a child had illos by Erik Blegvad. I can’t see there were any editions from the 40s-50s (particularly from the signature). Since both of the illos are from the same story I wonder if these are from a magazine instead.

-matthew davis

Matt Jones said...

The Twitter user stated that he found it in a compendium of children's book illustrators