Saturday, November 21, 2015


Searle functioned in various capacities for Punch magazine throughout the 50s. I've posted his theatre caricatures, Searle's Eye View, political page and cover art. He also made cartoon spot illustrations for humorous stories and more realistic illustrations for reports.

Punch January 28, 1959

'Tails Optional' by Eric Keown May 20, 1959

'Tails Optional' by Eric Keown May 20, 1959

Oct 16, 1957
A sensational drawing marking a visit to the U.S. by Queen Elizabeth II
(original exhibited at the London Cartoon Museum 2010)

November 5, 1951

May 2, 1956

 May 23, 1956

These are several illustrations that accompanied a story by Tom Girtin entitled 'Angels Unaware' in the May 16th, 1956 issue of Punch.

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BBBC said...

I've been a huge Searle fan ever since I was given 'How To Be Topp' one Christmas in the late '60s. I find the continuing stream of rarities and oddments that you post in your blog fascinating. I hope there are many more to come.