Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Original artwork


Docnad said...

I'd say The Telegraph got their money's worth!

Docnad said...

I'm not certain, but I think Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Stravinsky have joined the festivities at Glyndebourne. I believe this is consistent with their concert program for 1994, the inaugural season for their new hall, shown here. I admire the contrast particularly of the hats worn by Mozart and his female companion on the blanket. This just serves as a reminder at how good Searle is with the costume of any time period, our own included. Incidentally, the pose of this woman with the hat strikes me as somewhat immodest, but Mozart gamely keeps his eyes fixed on hers. I don't know how concerned Searle was about possible editorial censorship, but right there in the middle so pale you could almost miss it is a couple's unfortunate encounter with what I assume is sheep poop. How sublime!


Que buen trabajo, combina lineas y pinceladas perfectamente!