Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Le Monde

21 drawings from Le Monde are on show at the Galerie Vision, Tourtour between 5 July-5 October.

In his eighties Searle was invited to contribute a political cartoon to French journal Le Monde. This ongoing series is regarded by the artist as amongst his favourite.
A selection is published in this collection at right (French edition shown)

'Planete Poubelle'

'Et les rues sont pavees d'or'
'Le Sherif'


'Middle Eastern Neighbours'


'Africa: The Knife of Damocles' 
Le Monde,  4 April 1995

Cartoon Museum collection © Copyright the estate of Ronald Searle and the Sayle Literary Agency.

In these shots taken from the originals in the collection of the Karikatur Museum, Hanover we can see Searle's thought process behind the editorial illustrations for Le Monde

And the final 'Tapis Magique' ('Magic Carpet')

Again, here we see the artist experimenting with the composition

'Le Semeur' ('The Sower')

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Shelley Whiting said...

Your art is very bold and powerful. Your line marking is energetic and vigorous. Your art is intriguing and captivating.