Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update summer 2011

I've updated the TV Guide section with some higher quality images including a scan of this 1990 Halloween cover.

I can't believe I missed Michael Sporn's excellent post on 'Energetically Yours'!  Director Dave Hilberman's son sent a batch of scans of original cels from the project-anyone who has seen the somewhat faded print on YouTube will be impressed by the vivid colour of the original cels.  Check them out here

Another animation historian Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew recently put me in touch with another relative of Dave Hilberman who had unearthed this fun sketch in his garage.  I think it's safe to identify this as by Searle's hand and seems to be a discarded idea from the film.  I'll add all this new material to the Energetically Yours section.

I've added a couple of new images to the songbooks section here.

Several Lemon Hart Rum images added to this section.

I've started a new blog highlighting a special book I put together with the artists at Pixar for Ronald's 91st birthday. Check it out over here

Thanks to Cassie McGettigan who sent me this shot of her friend wearing a Searle design for the Met Opera, 1982.  Anybody with more info on these Rhinemaidens or Searle's work for the Met?

This sleeping Valkyrie was possibly made for the Metropolitan Opera in 1987.

'Guilio Cesare In Egitto' for the Metropolitan Opera, 1988

I stumbled upon this article reprinting a 1949 story by Freddy Bloom accompanied by a Searle illustration typical of that period.


Paul Nixon said...

Matt, did you see that Dix Noonan Webb have three Ronald Searle originals up for sale at their July auction? Here's the link:


Matt J said...

Thanks for the link Paul- although the image on that site looks dubious to my eye . . .?

docnad said...

There's now a second image with all three framed drawings, but I can't make out sufficient detail to say much.

Matt J said...

Thanks Steve-yes, very hard to distinguish detail. I'll have to forward these to Ronald and see what he says.

UM said...

The Sleeping Valkyrie was done for the Met. Ronald confirmed this when I sent the image to him.

Matt J said...

Thanks Uli!