Wednesday, November 19, 2014

POW pt.5

A drawing from Searle's time incarcerated by the Japanese during WWII has popped up here on eBay. It's expensive but appears to be authentic. This will probably go to a private collector but should really be in the Imperial War Museum with the collection of Searle's POW sketches.

The V&A museum, London dug up some early Searle history. His sketch of a prisoner production of 'Hamlet' with the artist appearing as the ghost! Link here
The prisoners would stage plays and comedy revue shows to buoy their spirits. Searle drew programmes- only one or two copies each- that were disseminated around thousands of hands.

The National Archives, Great Britain have several Searle pieces on their online database:

'General Collapse' (Lilliput). Artist: Ronald Searle (signed). Media/Technique: Pen (fountain pen) and ink (black carbon ink) on good quality artists paper attached to board. Artist's signature at bottom right. Coloured ink showing measurements. Graphite notations on top right. Damage to tall man’s face. The fibres are disturbed or lifted. Other media/information: Verso Reference written in waxy black media. Coloured ink (red) stamp showing return address of artist. This is crossed out and new return address is written by Searle. This reads 32 Newton road W2, Bay 3942. Drawings for magazines Ministry of information. Original artwork for Mirror, Echo, Blick in die welt. (Mirror & Echo).

More on Searle's wartime experience here

Saturday, November 08, 2014

John Bull magazine

'John Bull' magazine was a similar publication to 'The Strand' and 'Lilliput'.

'The magazine was published by Odhams from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Similar in style to the iconic American magazine The Saturday Evening Post, the John Bull covers encapsulated post-war Britain and employed some of Britain's finest illustrators.' - Wikipedia

Illustrations in the magazine John Bull in 1947 & 1948

March 20th 1948. Jockey scene cover. 20 pages.

April 9th 1949

9th July, 1949

1st May, 1948

23rd June, 1949

"One for All, All for One" by Herbert Hodge illustrated with a Ronald Searle cartoon

April 24th 1948 "Oh to be a Salesman" by Herbert Hodge with an illustration by Ronald Searle

April 30th 1949. "Peak Season for Love" by Herbert Hodge with an illustration by Ronald Searle

November 12th 1949. 32 pages. b/w Ronald Searle advert for Bev coffee essence with a Fireman theme