Tuesday, November 18, 2008

St Trinians Part 4

'The St. Trinian's Story. The Whole Ghastly Dossier', FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY WITH ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION, on verso of frontispiece, signed "For Jean who has borne the brunt of all this and without whom... Ronald, Dec. 1959" (Jean Ellsmoor was Searle's secretary at PERPETUA)

"I'll just die, then you will be sorry"

Ronald Searle artwork advertising the feature film Blue Murder At St Trinians (1957). From page 3 of the Daily Cinema, 2nd January 1958.

'And this is Rachel-our Head Girl' from the collection at the V&A, London.

Original artwork for the cover of 'The Female Approach'

"Cleaner's getting slack Horsefall"

An original illustration for Greetings card design for
Valentines of Dundee

Wilhelm-Busch museum, Hanover

Love strikes at St.Trinian's
signed and dated 'Ronald Searle/1954' (lower right) and inscribed as title 'Love/strikes/St.Trinian's' (lower left) pen and black ink and bodycolour, unframed 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Searle links

Kevin Kidney has posted some good quality scans of a feature Searle made on 'Bewitched' for TV guide magazine in the 60s. Kevin is a top knotch artist in his own right & has a passion for all things designed in the 60s. His blogs are a treasure trove of Disneyana & his own gorgeous artwork.

Get Bewitched here:
Kevin enthuses about this site here:

Meanwhile over at 'I'm Learning to Share' the In Crowd has posted a lovely spread from SHOW magazine. The magazine 'dispatched' Searle to Paris (he was already resident in the city!) to cover the jazz clubs & musical shows of the city. Have a look here.

Here's one for reader Gary Peare who requested this image he had seen years ago in a poster catalogue & regretted not buying.

Matt Groening on his influences including Searle.

Oscar Grillo has an interesting post on Searle & his early influences here.
I've also updated the Lemon Hart Rum, Advertising & Charles Dickens sections.