Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Searle's Centenary!

Happy new Year! March 3rd, 2020 is the centenary of Ronald Searle's birth. The first institution to celebrate will be the Wilhelm Busch museum in Hanover which houses the Searle Archive.

Details translated from this article.

'From April 18 to July 5, the Museum Wilhelm Busch celebrates the 100th birthday of the English illustrator Ronald Searle, whose artistic legacy the museum preserves as a permanent loan from the Lower Saxony Foundation.

Formative experiences in the Second World War made Searle a traveler and seeker, always curious about the people and what drives them. The so-called "Ronald Searle Archive", located in the museum, is therefore more than "just" an archive: It encompasses the majority of Ronald Searle's eight decades of artistic oeuvre, his collection of historical caricatures, his specialist library and the actual archive with diaries and personal notes, project sketches, specimen copies and correspondence with fellow artists and publishers. It also contains historical artist correspondence such as that of the English cartoonist George Cruikshank (1792-1878).

This complex inventory makes it possible to work out and present a variety of connecting lines between the individual collections. The exhibition draws from the abundance of this archive with the aim of providing visitors with intensive insights into a complex artist's personality along central geographic anchor points from Singapore to England and Germany to Tourtour in France and two themed islands on "Animation" and "Private Life" To tell contemporary history. Access to the museum's online collection gives an insight into the immediate work with Ronald Searle's estate. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with numerous illustrations. It is funded by: Lower Saxony Foundation.