Sunday, April 02, 2023

Round The Bend in Eighty Days with S J Perelman

I received a great contribution from fellow Searle fan James Burgess who realized that the 1972 Perelman/Searle collaboration was not for Travel & Leisure magazine as I assumed in this post but for The New Yorker. The depiction of the famous humorist traveling with his buxom companion were not part of the 'Nostasia in Asia' series but for a piece called 'Round The Bend in Eighty Days'. The illustrations however remain unpublished as far as we can tell since the series featured the work of another illustrator. 

Jules Verne laughs at Perelman & friend's attempts to emulate Phileas Fogg.

The image at the top is the best available online- I'd love to see this in higher quality. If any readers have more info please email me at the address in my Blogger profile.