I started this blog in 2006 as a fan of the work of Ronald Searle.  Dissatisfied by what was available online at the time I decided to do it myself!  Initially it began as a collection of choice scans from my collection of books illustrated by Ronald Searle.
Most of these books are out of print so I thought sharing them online might encourage a community of Searle fans to contribute too.  Over the past 4 years other fans have sent me interesting material, even Ronald Searle himself has passed photographs & videos to me from his personal archive.  The site has coalesced into a sprawling archive of Searle's ouvre which I someday hope to organize chronologically-for now the best I can do is point you to some of the main sections in the links list on the right.

I welcome contributions from others and any rare Searle material is a valuable addition to the site.  You can email me at the address in my Blogger profile.

(The copyright is retained by the authors, publishers & Mr Searle himself. This blog is merely a fan's appreciation & is not for financial gain or profit.)