Sunday, May 25, 2008

Le Langage des fleurs

Here's another limited edition published in France. 'Le langage des fleurs' was published by Michel Cassé of Paris in 1975. A longtime associate of Searle's, Cassé has collaborated with the artist on several lithographic print projects.

With 'Le langage des fleurs' Searle illustrates French slang words.


illustrationISM.... said...

Where do you find these??!!!! These searle treasures are stupendous!
The new blog masthead is great too!

Mark Jaquette - 'a yankee searlinky'

Elliot said...

This is great, and yet again, I'm green with envy at these 'limited edition Searles'.

This blog goes from strength to strength, Matt.

Matt Jones said...

Thnx for the encouragement guys-appreciated.

Martin Missfeldt said...

Absoulte unbelievable wonderful.
And a great Blog. Thanks for sharing all this.

Chubasco said...

No me queda nada más que agradecerle, porque yo soy hijo deun humorista y creci alimentandome de sus dibujos un gran abrazo !!