Friday, November 14, 2008

Searle links

Kevin Kidney has posted some good quality scans of a feature Searle made on 'Bewitched' for TV guide magazine in the 60s. Kevin is a top knotch artist in his own right & has a passion for all things designed in the 60s. His blogs are a treasure trove of Disneyana & his own gorgeous artwork.

Get Bewitched here:
Kevin enthuses about this site here:

Meanwhile over at 'I'm Learning to Share' the In Crowd has posted a lovely spread from SHOW magazine. The magazine 'dispatched' Searle to Paris (he was already resident in the city!) to cover the jazz clubs & musical shows of the city. Have a look here.

Here's one for reader Gary Peare who requested this image he had seen years ago in a poster catalogue & regretted not buying.

Matt Groening on his influences including Searle.

Oscar Grillo has an interesting post on Searle & his early influences here.
I've also updated the Lemon Hart Rum, Advertising & Charles Dickens sections.

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