Friday, February 27, 2009

Hommage pt.2

Ken Turner made a series of interpretations of characters from BATMAN in Searle's style

Last year artists at Dreamworks Animation ran a 'Searle' character design class. The assignment was to draw characters from Flash Gordon or Conan in the style of Searle.

If there are any other artists from the class who would like to contribute their Searle-esque designs please email me at the address in my Blogger profile.

Cheyenne Curtis made this fab St Trins girl

This Molesworth parody I found on Flickr but I've lost the name of the artist. Apologies. Perhaps someone can help identify him?

Here are the tribute pieces to mark Ronald Searle's death on the 30th December, 2011

Joe Corraro

Brian Ajhar

Conor McHale

Pedro Delgado

ST. Trinians style illustration for the London Evening Standard by Weef


Mike said...

Is the parody by Willy Rushton?

SteveLambe said...

Very cool. Some of those are pretty darn accurate.

That last one is courtesy of the very talented, Warren Leonhardt.

warren said...


Yes, I'm afraid this Molesworth parody of is all my fault. Matt, you had left a fine comment on the 'original' posting here.

Thanks so much for the nod! And thanks to Steve Lambe for tipping the hat in my direction. His work and yours, Matt, are really inspiring.

Elliot said...

I mean, they're all great - but Shane Prigmore's conan is top-drawer.

Cheyenne said...

haha wow those are so amazing! i love them! oh and thanks so much for showing mine! highly appreciated :)


Super Brilliant collection of posts... Thanks for including my little tribute study..