Monday, July 27, 2009

Changi Gaol 3

This just in from reader Mike Poole. His grandfather George 'Piggy' Poole was interned in Changi Gaol with Searle & collaborated on prison magazine 'SURVIVOR' with him. Mike has a copy of the magazine in his possession & sent me the following scans.

This issue features a story written by Poole & illustrated by Searle.

Letter from Searle to Poole:

Sonia Kretschmar dug up the following article on 'The Survivor'

Changi Gaol part 1 and part 2


Pete Western said...

This is fascinating material, Matt. I like the illustration on the first spread particularly.

Thanks for putting it out.

Matt Jones said...

Hey Peter-thanks for the comment-glad u found this material of interest.

Uli Meyer said...

Those original pages were auctioned off not two months ago. I didn't bid on them, dammit.

Unknown said...

My father did put them up for auction a couple of months ago, but they failed to reach the reserve price.

He then thought better of it and gave them to me.

The scans really don't do them justice and I love them.


Uli Meyer said...

Mike-Glad to hear you got to keep them. It makes a lot more sense for you to treasure those incredible pieces of history since they relate to your great grandfather's past.