Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Visit To The Seaside

The Cultural Clippings blog recently posted some very interesting examples of early colour Searle illustrations. Originally published in the August 1947 issue of Lilliput Magazine.

Early examples of colour reportage, they're quite different to Searle's later colour work for HOLIDAY magazine.  Obviously less overtly 'cartoony', stylistically they're closer to the drawings of the time by Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland.

Many thanks to Chris for allowing me to re-publish these here on the Perpetua blog.  He also sent me another Searle spot illustration from the same issue which I've posted on my Lilliput blog here.


docnad said...

I am also reminded here of Reginald Marsh's approach to drawing and painting figures on the beach. The elongated bather in the last image recalls to me just slightly the work of Raymond Peynet, a cartoonist whose work was later published by Perpetua.

Uli Meyer said...

I can see a bit of Grosz in those too.