Sunday, October 31, 2010

Searle's Eye View: Imaginary Portraits

After Searle left England for France in 1961 his work still appeared in Punch magazine for another year. This long series of Imaginary Portraits depicted Searle's version of well known creative types of the day.  Unlike the more serious Heroes of Our Time portraits from the late fifties these are much more cartoon-like.

 1 Enid Blyton

2 Colin Wilson

3 Samuel Beckett (Punch, 13 December 1961)

4 P.G Wodehouse
(Punch, 20 December, 1961.)

5 C. S. Forester

 6 John Osborne

7 Robert Graves
(Punch, Imaginary Portraits: 7, 10 January, 1962.)

Photographed from the original artwork


9 Eugene Ionesco

10  Tennesee Williams

11 Veronica Wedgwood

12 Alan Sillitoe

13  Angus Wilson

 14  C. P. Snow

 15 Ivy Compton Burnett

16 Lawrence Durrell

17 Iris Murdoch
(PUNCH, 21 MARCH 1962, PAGE 478)
Photographed from the original artwork

18 Aldous Huxley

19 Muriel Sparke

20 Sir Arthur Bryant

21 Georges Simenon
 Photographed from the original artwork

22 Alberto Moravia

23 Jack Kerouac

24 Denise Robbins

 25 Freya Starke

 26 Benjamin Britten

27 Alfred Hitchcock
Photographed from the original artwork

28 Walt Disney
(Punch, 30 May, 1962.)
(annotated by Searle)

29 Ingmar Bergman (annotated by Searle)

30 John Betjeman (annotated by Searle)

31 Compton Mackenzie (annotated by Searle)

32 Brendan Behan (annotated by Searle)

33 Agatha Christie

34 Ian Fleming (annotated by Searle)

35 John Bratby (annotated by Searle)

36 Pietro Annigoni (annotated by Searle)

37 Shelagh Delaney (annotated by Searle)

38 Harold Hobson (annotated by Searle)

39 Graham Sutherland Graham Sutherland
(Punch, Issue 22, August 1962)
(annotated by Searle)

40 C. N. Parkinson

41 Bernard Buffet

42 N. F. Simpson
(Punch, 12 September, 1962.)
(annotated by Searle)
Photographed from the original artwork

Harold Pinter

British Theatre drawings for Punch
French Theatre drawings for Punch
Heroes of Our Time Portraits for Punch


docnad said...

Wow! Thanks for putting all this together, Matt. And you've even got your hands on some preliminary sketchbook work!

Matt Jones said...

I've been slowly collecting this with old copies of Punch-the Searle Archive in Hannover plugged the gaps. RS keeps copies of EVERYTHING he's done. I've learnt to find anything out just ask the man himself or consult the archive, he's the most disciplined self-catalogue-er I've ever seen!

Uli Meyer said...

What a post! Great to see these all together!

miketoons said...

Fabulous collection. A real treat!