Friday, May 20, 2011

Searle in Canada

Searle's trip to Canada in the 60s as reported on in the UK newspaper The Sun.

The report as originally published in full colour in HOLIDAY magazine, April 1964
(Thanks to Brendan Amphlet & Uli Meyer for the scans)

This would later lead to a commission from The Hudson's Bay Company to illustrate their calender, the drawings for which were subsequently published in the book THE GREAT FUR OPERA, 1970.

The Hudson’s Bay Company

Having worked like a beaver to overcome three centuries of plunging thermometers, recalcitrant Indians, and fierce competitors from Quebec and the U.S.A., it remains today the continent’s most durable trading enterprise


With drawings by RONALD SEARLE
American Heritage Magazine, April 1970 Vol. 21, Issue 3.

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Vincent said...

Some of the full-page cartoons look as though they should have captions: for example the crusty old gent in the bath-chair, apparently feeling some nostalgia when he sees the droopy tulip! --Or perhaps it is better to leave his remark to the imagination.

J Scribbles said...

I love the bear with the umbrella XD!