Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Yorker Editorial

As well as numerous New Yorker covers Searle has provided several editorial spots over the years such as this caricature accompanying a profile of John Cleese.
(I'm grateful to Stephen Nadler for the scans.)

Two more 'late period' caricatures from the Jan 25, 1993 issue.

July 26, 1993

August 9, 1993

Jan. 15, 1990

April 12, 1993

December 21, 1992

February 22, 1993

January 8, 1996

'Spectre de la Rose meets Gertrude Stein' 10th Feb 1992

December 28, 1992
Party Animal Rough Sketch

'Angel of Inspiration'

'Rather hot day' 
pencil, pen and black ink and black wash, 12½ x 17 in.
New Yorker, 19 November, 1966.
The Square Egg, published by Weidenfeld, London, 1968.

January 13, 1992

P. G. Wodehouse


Lo said...

All fantastic. Thanks.
I am tempted to be a pig and scream for "More".

Jason Doll said...

Great images! Beautiful - Thanks!

Jeff Hoyle said...

Such variety of style and experimentation... Thanks Ronald for the inspiration!

Professor Pepper said...
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Professor Pepper said...

That 'First Security Check' is just splendid and the 'wrong', 'wrongish' and 'getting warmer' cartoons for the corsetry exhibition are priceless. Thanks for popping them up!

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Aaaaaaah ,great stuff!