Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Britain's premier celebrity caricaturist Gary Smith sent me a shot of this fine Searle caricature. A 1970 rendering of Ginette Spanier, directrice of Paris fashion house Balmain

Reminiscent of Searle's theatre caricatures for Punch in the 50s but with certain drawing tics of the 70s TV Guide caricatures-it bridges the gap between the two eras.

I'm unable to establish exactly where it was published-Vogue perhaps?


docnad said...

That's a very good image. I've never seen it before. Thanks, Matt and Gary.

Matt Jones said...

Beautifully drawn hands !

docnad said...

Yes, and I prefer these hands to Searle's "medieval" style.

Mick said...

Gary certainly is the finest of caricaturerers. Grand snap here too