Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Penguin Ronald Searle

Searle had a long-standing association with UK publishers Penguin Books. They commissioned him to illustrate a collection of paperback editions (some of which he had illustrated the hardback editions-see Book Covers section).

'The Painted Veil' looks like a re-use of a portrait of W. Somerset Maugham originally published in Punch magazine.

The next one was also published in Radio Times illustrating Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'

Of course Penguin also reprinted the essential collections of Searle's cartoons and St Trinians

Also a fine collection not published in the USA (reprinting some images made for American periodical Holiday magazine)

Searle finalized the 'penguin self-portrait' gag as a Searle-mask wearing bird!

(Thanks to Stephen Nadler for the above image)

Penguin also published the Molesworth books and Refugees

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docnad said...

Another artist to provide artwork for Penguin Books was Sylvia Stokeld, who in 1960 illustrated the cover for H. V. Morton's In Search of England. You can see the cover here:

This may be of some interest to Searle's fans, because in 1999 she worked with Searle to provide the hand-coloring for fifty of the limited-edition copies of The Face of War by Simon Rae and Searle.