Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ralph Spurrier of Post Mortem Books informs me of an upcoming auction of original Searle artwork that readers may be interested in.

"I knew Ronald for very many years via his wife Mo who was a customer of mine – she was an avid reader of crime fiction – and I was invited down to Tourtour to visit with them. The occasion was MOST convivial! A few years later,when I opened a bookshop in London I approached Ronald to ask him if he would produce a colophon for me. Well, he not only produced a colophon but a whole slew of alphabet letters consisting of figures in the shape of letters, daggers, guns, gravestones (the letter T) which he suggested I could mix and match to use for whatever purpose (shop sign, letterhead etc etc) I wanted. Well, my business partner  - to cut a long story short – didn’t like them at all and they never got used. They were consigned to the portfolio and shoved away for over 20 years.  Eventually I resigned from the shop (some years later it went bust) and returned back to the country a wiser – if slightly poorer -  man."
  ". . . I had forgotten all about the RS material until a house move a couple of years ago unearthed them.  With some reluctance I have now decided to auction the material. I don’t desperately need the money but if I should die prematurely then this material could be lost for all time which would be a great shame. You may be interested yourself and perhaps your readers may well be interested..."

To view the catalogue go to the website of Dominic Winter Auctions 
{item 374 on page 118 of the 6th February catalogue}

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