Thursday, April 25, 2013

Appeal for help!

*UPDATE- more details available on this specialized 'Searle In America' blog

I'm working on an exciting book project that will collate all of Searle's 'Holiday' era reportage work of the late 50s through the late  60s.  I've made considerable progress tracking down original art, relevant sketches and the books and magazines where the drawings were first published BUT I don't have everything! Ideally I'd like to get high quality scans of as many originals as possible and publish them large format, uncropped so Searle fans can appreciate all the glorious detail and modern colour reproduction.

If there's anyone out there who would like to contribute scans or photos of their Searle originals please contact me at the email address in my Blogger profile here or in the comments section. Anything that Searle did while in America or on America will fit the theme of the book: early American reportage for Punch, Holiday mag, LIFE magazine, TV Guide artwork etc.
(I don't have many New Yorker mags so scans of Searle's covers would help immensely too).
I hope to hear from the owners of the artwork that appeared on the first Punch magazine spreads in 1957.  Also anyone who owns original TV Guide artwork, sketches, New Yorker, Time magazine etc.

 I'm looking for the original drawing from these Punch magazine spreads from 1957

Thanks in advance!



Bado said...

I'll send you a list of the New Yorker covers in my possession as soon as I get to the office tomorrow morning.


Matt Jones said...

Thanks for the support Guy-this will be the ultimate Ronald Searle publication.

Bado said...

I sent a list of covers at your British e-mail address. Did you receive it?

Matt Jones said...

Oh, no- didn't receive anything yet

Tororo said...

I don't have any of the art you ask for, but I translated your appeal and posted it on my blog: on ne sait jamais.