Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Animation pt.2

I've been looking for a stop-motion puppet animated film made by Dutch animation pioneer Joop Geesink in Searle's style for YEARS!  With the 100th anniversary this year of Joop Geesink's birthday a wonderful tribute website has been set up with the co-operation of Geesink's family.  I contacted them about the 'Lemonhart Rum' ad the studio made in the late 50s and they told me they had it and put it online!  So here it is, Searle's characters Mr Lemonhart and Mr Navy Rum vying for the affections of an attractive ice-skater!

As the site observes the spot was probably inspired by this print ad-

Searle, of course had several collaborations with animators.  See his work with British stop-motion animator Ivor Wood here. His work on 'Energetically Yours' is here.

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