Saturday, April 29, 2017

Searle's Process

I haven't identified what this picture was made for but I thought it interesting as it gives an insight into Searle's colouring process. There are three parts - the line drawing on art board, a xeroxed overlay and the coloured back-board with watercolour over light blue pencilling. He wouldn't always work like this and it appears to be a late period drawing so colour separations were no longer needed. Perhaps he was getting two pictures out of it (and two payments?). Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Uli Meyer said...

I've never seen Ronald use overlays. His process is pencil and colour first and then ink line directly on top, on the same board. Maybe this was done to explain the process in print.

Unknown said...

We have almost the same one in the Ronald Searle archive, the difference is a grey horse and the man with a green jacket. And I remember a second one in our collection, both with overlays. There are some other drawings with overlays, and I am pretty sure, that has something to do with the printing process. I'll check and try to find out something.

Matt Jones said...

Thanks Uli & Elisabeth. This one is from the archive- would love to see others!