Tuesday, August 28, 2007


1949 Jamaica Rum ad

1949 Bev ad
1949 Bev ad

1954 Allen Solly Hose Ad- Comet Tail

1960 New Journal Cookbook

Original 1959 print ads for Western Airlines

‘Full credit shall be given for every shot that can be distinctly seen …’. Pen and ink. Inscribed by the artist. Drawn for an ICI/Kynoch Division shotgun cartridge advertisement. Circa 1960. 8x9.5 inches.

An illustration for a Lloyd's Bank brochure, The Art of Exporting 1981

1972 GATX Ad-' What Price Vanity'

1969 Elephant art Air Express 2-Page Ad.

1969 EYE Art Minolta SR-T 101 Camera Ad

BP, 1953

BP, 1951

 CBS 'Outside Broadcast'

CBS Radio Spot Sales


Mick said...

brilliant. the gatx one is the real full fat deal... thanks again for collecting and showing these. I once slept in and missed the chance to buy one of his books from a junk store. It was in the window at 2am and long gone by 10.. i still kick myself over that, sometimes if that grows boring i kick other people near me.

Mick said...

also I looked through the links there and was rather amazed at the obvious influence our pal Gerald Scarfe gleaned from big Ron... I never really spotted it before

Matt Jones said...

Yes, & even more so for Ralph Steadman I think. I feel Searle has influenced virtually EVERY cartoonist since he started!

Mal said...

I saw press and poster ads for Lemon Hart as a small child in the late '50's and they gave me nightmares about the 'thin yellow man'! Later, as a teen, I grew to appreciate Searle's and Robinson's work in Molesworth and other stories and cartoons. Haven't acquied a taste for the rum ...