Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Private Collections

Brian Sibley blogs about buying his original Searle here.

While in Los Angeles in November for the CTN-X conference I had the opportunity to see some originals in the collections of animation friends.  Disney animator Andreas Deja has several choice morsels:

Cover art for the eponymous Edwin Carp

"Yes, but have you seen the NEW Strand Magazine?"

Lucille Ball from TV guide, April 30th 1966

'Palm Springs' from HOLIDAY magazine, February 1965

Disney director John Musker owns this beauty

Cartoon Brew editor Amid Amidi is in possession of this beautiful cover illustration for the Big City

Uli Meyer in London just started his collection of Searle originals with this beauty.

Jesús Sánchez gave me a link to a gallery of his Searle originals. (If there is anybody else out there who would like to contribute photos, scans or any Searle related material please email me at the address in my Blogger profile.)

'Sorry Madam, no smoking in the museum' 1955

The above is a refined version of a gag Searle made over ten years earlier in 1944, below.

'My Life In Scotland Yard' Illustrated article by S.J.Perelman, HOLIDAY magazine, 1968
Pen & brush & ink, wash & purple watercolour.

New Yorker cover, 1994-unpublished. Pen & ink, watercolour, coloured pencil.



Anonymous sent more shots of his collection of Searle originals. This is a beautiful example from Searle's Paris Sketchbook of Pere Lachaise cemetary.

Montmartre Cemetery 26 April 1961 -'Punch magazine approx 22cm wide x 29cm high (8 1/2 inch x 11 1/4 inch) A4

O.G. sent in this great scan of an early Searle in his collection, 'drawn with brown ink enhanced with blue crayon.'

Pete W. has sent me much better quality shots of his collection of Searle originals. He's included close-ups revealing details of the drawings displaying the subtlety of Searle's penwork.

This drawing also appeared in the book, "!The St. Trinians Story" without the finer rendering.

R. Wiener found the following at a Massachusetts book auction:
Lucille Ball cover Artwork for the I Love Lucy  TV guide, April 30th 1966

 New York World's Fair HOLIDAY magazine 1964

Can anyone identify where this was published?

A contributor who wishes to remain anonymous has sent me these photos of his collection of Searle originals. The first I believe is thus far unpublished.

This one was never published like this, although another version became a postcard.


illustrationISM.... said...

i can barely make out who's in the
reflection in one of the pictures!!

mark jaquette @
illustrationism &

Ann ODyne said...

oh! the knitting that devoured Cleveland!

and the doglet pushing the swing just personifies what I love about Mr.Searle's eye for critters.
Bless him.
Thank you,
and your fortunate friend.

Elliot said...

That first chap has a touch of the Philip Larkin about him.

Oscar Grillo said...

My wife gave me a Searle's original for my birthday, Jones......A 1950's I believe.

Ira R said...

these are incredibly inspiring!

richardcthompson said...

Anonymous is a lucky, lucky man.

Jesús Sánchez said...

You can also see original art by Ronald Searle form my private collection at
Thanks and enjoy.

Martin Missfeldt said...

this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Matt Jones said...

Thnx for the comments & links everyone!

Professor Pepper said...

Many thanks to docnad for pointing me to this page. All splendid stuff but if pushed I would sway towards the wonderful 'My life in Scotland Yard' illustration. You simply can't beat a moustache-twirling British villain...

docnad said...

My pleasure, Professor. That's a fine drawing you have!