Friday, February 20, 2009


Developing the 'theme' of the last post -artists drawing in the style of Searle-here is a collection of cartoon hommages to him. This first batch I found on the British Cartoon Archive site.

"Lady to see you, Mister Cassidy..."

Cartoons: Girl drawn in the style of Ronald Searle's St. Trinian's schoolgirls.
News: 13 Mar: David Cassidy, the American entertainer, dodged a crowd of young girls waiting to greet him when he flew into Britain for four concerts, and landed at Luton, instead of Manchester, as expected.

Richard Willson (Preggers again/Social Security Bill)

Pure Hell of St. Trinians with apologies to Ronald Searle
Article illustration - What every baby knows. Don't let guilty folk memories deny single mothers the shelter they crave. Libby Purves [ Page 20, The Times 16 February 1999]

Nicholas Garland The Independent 15 Oct 1987

'Come on! He roar. 'Oo dunnit, eh? If the boys do not own up the whole skool will be kept in.'(The compleet Moolesworth)

George Cale After Searle The Daily Telegraph 01 Jan 1986 - 31 Dec 1990
Water polo illegal tour of South Africa Amateur Swimming Assoc.

Gary Smith (with apologies) in the Sunday Times

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