Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Investigator

Many thanks to Dave Shelton who contributed these scans of all of Searle's illustrations for Reuben Ship's celebrated satire of the work of the US House Committee on Un-American Activities and its chairman, Joseph McCarthy.

The original drawings photographed at the Ronald Searle Archive, Hanover.

The following rough drawings were part of Chris Beetles' 2012 'Ronald Searle Remembered' exhibition

Printers Block


gmoke said...

Joseph McCarthy was a Senator not a Congressman. J. Parnell Thomas was a one-time chair of HUAC who was imprisoned for putting cronies in no-work staff jobs and pocketing some of their salaries in kickbacks. He served nine months in the Federal prison in Danbury, CT.

illustrationISM.... said...

inspite of the DIStory & facts...the lines and
artwork is awesome!!