Saturday, October 31, 2009


My presentation on Searle at the CTN-x conference went down well. Many people thanked me afterwards for showing all the rare material, some weren't even familiar with his work & were seeing it for the first time.

'Energetically Yours' was well received-I showed the behind the scenes photos that Searle had given me, Amid Amidi contributed storyboards that didn't feature in his book 'Cartoon Modern' and Bill Melendez' son Steve allowed me to screen his print of the film which his father animated.

Searle himself wrote a great introduction for my presentation that I read for those assembled:

"Greetings to this sparkling constellation from an ex-Hollywood dinosaur.
Yes, it is weird to realise that when I was born, radio and television did not exist in the home.
But the cinema was wildly alive- and animation was bursting out all over.

Every week I gathered up my pocket-money and dashed to the local flea-pit to lose myself in the splendidly eccentric adventures of Felix the Cat. Drawings were actually coming alive! I was hooked.
Animation has come a long way since those golden pioneer days of Felix. Now the future is the hands of you lucky people.

Forgive me if I take advantage of this exotic occasion to make a small plea as an infatuated pen & ink dipper.
Please do not forget that the magical pen line still exists!
Also, merely as an observer, I feel that some of you could switch off the automatic pilot and wing your way into wilder territory. Just a thought.
Thank you very much for inviting me. I will now go back into my hole."

The highlight of the presentation was the slideshow of the two sketchbooks that Searle allowed me to photograph on my last visit. Very few have seen inside these books so it was a real treat for Searle fans. I plan to put up the images here on the blog in due course . . .

Nov. 20-22 I'll be at the CTN-X animation conference in Burbank, LA. I'm giving a presentation on Searle's work in animation & film titles. Support materials will include a slideshow of the 2 sketchbooks Searle filled on the sets of SCROOGE and MONTE CARLO OR BUST! and I'll be screening several animated shorts Searle collaborated on with Ivor Wood.

There will also be a panel discussion with animation director John Musker, animator James Baxter, CalArts Student Manny Hernandez and myself.
If anybody coming has an original Searle drawing please bring it along, I'd love to see any Searle related material.

I've updated the Ohio University exhibition section and put up a post on Searle's work for Lilliput magazine here. Also I continue to add more to the Punch Theatre section and the French sub-section.


william wray said...

finally a reason to go. ;-) but I won't cause they want me to pay.

Pete Western said...

I've just seen some photos of the event (on Facebook), taken by my friend, Jamie Bolio.

Wish I could have been there but maybe you'll be doing something for Mr. Searle's 90th birthday in England.

Well done,Matt!

illustrationISM.... said...

How was the conference and the response??!!!

Matt Jones said...

The conference went really well & the response was great-there were even people who had never heard of Searle before & were seeing his work for the first time! I'll be putting up some material & photos related to my presentation here soon.

illustrationISM.... said...

What a GREAT note from Searle!!! Looks like
he's still sharp as a quill tip!!

Louise Smythe said...

i was there! i cracked up so much at the Esso commericals. thanks for such a great presentation!

alex vaida said...

It was a fine presentation - also, thanks for making all this material public on your blog. I don't comment much, but maybe I should; because I've been visiting your virtual home quite often for the past couple of years.
Best regards -