Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Songbooks & Record Covers

Reader and contributor Stephen Nadler reminded me that an edition of Flanders & Swann's songs was published with cover illustrations by Searle.

Original artwork in the Searle Archive, Karikatur Museum, Hannover. 

Program cover-Canmore Opera House, Vancouver, BC: November 1980

Searle also illustrated a collection of Tomfoolery composer Tom Lehrer's work called 'Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer and not enough drawings by Ronald Searle'.

'Poisoning Pigeons in the Park'

'We Will All Go Together When We Go'

Searle contributed this image to an illustrated collection of Beatles lyrics portraying John Lennon.

Lennon (a published cartoonist himself) famously remarked-
". . . I started trying to draw like Ronald Searle when I was about eight. So there was Jabberwocky and Ronald Searle I was turning into by the time I was thirteen. You know, I was determined to be Lewis Carroll with a hint of Ronald Searle."

CD cover for Ricet Barrier's 'La Mythologie'

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