Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas from Ronald Searle!

Those lucky enough to be on Searle's Christmas Card list received a nice surprise every year.  Ex-Disney animator Vladimir 'Bill' Tytla was one of those fortunate few-Searle met him in New York and remembers the volatile Ukranian fondly.

Tytla's widow Adrienne assembled a giant book on her husband's life in which several cards from Searle are reproduced.

More personal cards found on Ebay

Christmas Card Box-set

 Christmas Books 1989

Christmas 1992

2002 rough concept

Ronald's 1998 Christmas Card

Searle's cards in the last few years have featured Santa and his reindeer and coloured balloons.

Ronald's 2008 Christmas Card


'Ronald Searle (1920-2011) original pen and ink illustration depicting a photographer and ballet dancer, signed with initials and bearing Searle stamp to reverse, 25cm x 20cm. This illustration was a Christmas card design for Roger Wood - original card included, together with a letter from Searle on his headed paper dated Nov 30th '49 'Dear Roger Wood, This is probably gross libel - but that is the sort of thing you must put up with from cartoonists! Sincerely Ronald Searle'. Also included is a rough pencil note from Roger Wood to Searle as a reply to his letter (4 items)'

A two-colour Christmas card designed by Ronald Searle detailing a score of mostly disgruntled-looking birds roosting in a skeletal Christmas tree with Santa glaring at the one selfish bird who has constructed a nest from the foliage. This greetings card sent by Searle and his wife to Veronica [Wedgewood] and Jacqueline [Hope-Wallace, her long-time partner]: "Could you join us for a Christmas drink on the 27th 6-8.0? We'd love to see you if you are free. K&R". Paperstock a little tanned, mostly at edges. Tricky to date, but presumably sent sometime between 1947 and 1966.

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