Sunday, December 05, 2010


I've updated the following sections:
Heroes Of Our Time  with a photograph of Searle with his portraits.

Punch Theatre with several images photographed from the original drawings.

The Big City Or The New Mayhew with two more images.


Political Portraits

Chelsea Arts Ball


Bob Fingerman said...

Thanks so much for creating this marvelous blog. Searle is one of my lifelong heroes and this site is a treasure trove of material I've never seen before.

Uli Meyer said...

Stick as many ads on as you need to if that is what it takes to keep this priceless resource going. Thank you for all the wonderful posts so far...

Lucas Ferreyra said...

Thanks for your effort! This blog is fantastic. :)

Kendra Melton said...

Worst case scenario could you make a sister blog kind of thing? Like if you create another blog dedicated to the same content and just call it Searle 2 or something and link them to each other. Or is the 1GB attached to an e-mail account because if that's the case you could just make a new e-mail account.

Either way, with ads or a new blog all will be good, thanks for all your hard work :]

Anonymous said...

As long as the Searle keeps coming, the ads are worth it. Thanks for providing such a fabulous resource.

illustrationISM.... said...

Can i say here
THANX for a great year of your
blog and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you -
an 'NOEL' to Ronald Searle!