Thursday, March 03, 2011


To celebrate Ronald's 91st let's take a look back at last years' celebratory exhibitions for his 90th.  For those who couldn't make it to London here's a birthday treat.  The highlight was the Cartoon Museum's retrospective curated by Anita O Brien with the collaboration of Ronald and Monica Searle and Steve Bell.
Featuring hundreds of choice pieces it was heaven for Searle fans!

The rabbit featured in Wendy Toye's production of 'Wild Thyme' (1955)

Across town at Chris Beetles' gallery they were celebrating with an extensive retrospective too.  Some pieces were on loan from the collections of Searle fans but most were available to purchase.

"Objects of worship I should imagine"


Lo said...

Amen and a standing ovation from this worshipful fan. You are my idol and my hero.

Many thanks and much Love,

Uli Meyer said...

Happy Birthday!

Paul Nixon said...

Yes, Many Happy Returns of the Day. Congratulations and thanks for all the artwork over the years.

Rosie said...

My hero too. You completely shaped my life. Happy Birthday. Thank you.

"TORI CAT" said...

Happy Birthday Ronald!!
All the very best and many happy returns!!
Thankyou for sharing all your wonderful and truly inspiring work with us.

docnad said...

Happy 91st!

ReadItDaddy said...

What a dude. My late great great uncle (Phil May) would doff his hat to you. Scratchy pens and dark dark ink for the win!