Monday, March 21, 2011

Morbid Anatomies

Perhaps inspired by this 1950 Lilliput illustration Searle's 'Morbid Anatomies' first appeared in Holiday magazine

HOLIDAY magazine February 1958

HOLIDAY magazine April 1961

Searle's agent was forced to threaten legal action when the series was later ripped off for a print campaign advertising London Fog overcoats.   Vogue Magazine was good enough to commission the artist himself to produce this variation. . .

. . . as was HOLIDAY magazine.

"I found this Ronald Searle illustration, which accompanies a tongue-in-cheek article on Southern mores and manners by North Carolina–born author Frances Gray Patton, in the November 1959 issue of Holiday magazine. . ."
Anatomy of an Antiquarian Bookseller

'Anatomy of an Amateur Golfer' 
Travel & Leisure Magazine 1972

The Morbid Anatomy was subsequently appropriated by other cartoonists.
Cartoon Museum, London

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Anonymous said...

Cheers cheers. This blog know how to be topp. Thank yuou for this excellent celeebrayshun of my illustreeus creator, hem-hem, Ronald Searle.

Nigel Molesworth, Curse of St Custards