Sunday, November 06, 2011


International design journal Graphis magazine featured Searle's work on several occasions over the years.

Its first feature on Searle profiled the artist in 1948 with this lavish 6 page spread.  Exposure such as this must have helped Searle establish his reputation in the years after WWII.

 Wonderfully loose St. Trinians sketch on the right.

(Courtesy of Full

In 1958 issue 80 printed an 11 page spread on Searle and his work

In 1980 issue 212 profiled Searle again with text by Dr. Alexander Duckers

In 1969 the magazine invited prominent graphic artists and illustrators to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Gene Gable looks back at that issue at Creative

Searle contributed several spectacular covers:

Issue 80 A frightening Picassoesque female artist

Issue 129 (1967) Stuck for an idea Searle creates a cover from the very problem of 'artists' block'!

Issue 169
Searle managed to use this rejected cover from the New Yorker for a 1973 Graphis cover


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great master!Ronald Searle salud!

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Great material, thanks for sharing!