Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Book?


Cartoonist Ronald Searle
I am reading What Am I Still Doing Here? by Roger Lewis.
This is not because I designed the jacket (without seeing any text), but because it is a wild saga of witty, thought-provoking, intelligent ramblings - and it's frequently spendidly vulgar to boot.


I would take Jenny Uglow's extraordinarily fascinating biography William Hogarth: A Life And A World. It took me over a year to read it the first time. I'd happily enjoy repeating that, and then get off the island, thanks very much.


In the English classes of our small elementatary school, we were read Dickens. I was about 12 and totally bowled over by his visions and imagination.
So I would cycle off to the local town lending library, stuff my bicyle basket with the rest of Dickens and wallow.
And I've never regretted it.


I can't say that I have read - knowingly - a book that left me cold. But, if I may twist the question, I recently bought a book that freezes to the bone. The Eichmann Trial by Deborah Lipstadt.
I attended that trial and spent a month in the courtroom regarding the man to whom a few millions of killings during World War II were but figures in his notebook.


A Stock said...

I was very excited to hear about this blog on The Comics Reporter and I'm even more excited after seeing just how much material is here. I don't know much about Ronald Searle but his name has stayed with me since childhood when I read "By Rocking Chair Across America." I've seen some of his work since then but not nearly as much as I want to see. I'm going to spend a lot of time catching up on old posts.

A Stock said...

By the way, I still have my copy of "By Rocking Chair Across America" at my parents' house. If you should need any part of that book for this blog I would happily scan it in next time I visit my parents. You can let me know via email at TheAnthonyStock(at)

Matt Jones said...

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the wonderful world of Ronald Searle! I have 'Rocking Chair' in my collection but thanks for offering- contributions are always welcome :)

Christophe"ZEBE" Lourdelet said...

thank you so much Mr Matt...I needed to clean my eyes...and my mind.

thank you ronald

Joe Corrao 4 Eyed Animation said...

Seeing his stuff as a kid (along with Mad mag) inspired me to do this stuff we bout a tribute of some sort..caricatures of the man?