Friday, June 06, 2014

London Opinion

'London Opinion magazine gave Searle some of his earliest commissions after returning from the war. In this May 1946 issue we see how comparitively crude Searle's cartoon style was (these cartoons may well have been based on sketches he made as a POW).  By October 1950 we see his style has become more sophisticated and an early incarnation of the 'thin man' appears- the typical character Searle would later evolve into the Patrick Campbell stories and then Mr. Lemonhart.
The St. Trinians girls too make an early appearance.

Scans from ECC blog

April 1947 (found here)

From the May 1948 issue of London Opinion and The Humorist (source)

 October 1950 (Cover by Bruce Angrave)

The following, from 1953, are from the Full Table site 

For more early Searle work see also The Strand magazine, Lilliput, Men Only and John Bull sections.

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