Monday, January 30, 2012

Original for sale on eBay

An original Searle drawing is up for sale on eBay-it's a portrait of US comedienne Phyllis Diller-undated but Stephen Nadler speculates on its origin here.

It's a vibrant piece, large format but wasn't used as a cover image.  It's listed at $4500 but the dealer is willing to let it go for $3000.  If you buy it tell them I sent you !


docnad said...

I like that new Perpetua header, Matt. Looking good!

Matt Jones said...

Thanks Steve, time for a change up. What do you think of the WHITE?

docnad said...

I prefer the white background for reading text. On the other hand, I usually prefer how the black background makes images stand out, except for very dark ones. So while either way is okay with me, I might prefer the black background for a blog that's primarily visual.